L2B - Lessening the impact of construction industry challenge

South Africa, Lack of capacity in governmental and professional structures tasked to implement infrastructure projects is one of the main challenges faced by the construction industry in Africa, resulting in issues with the delivery of quality products within the specified time and budget, payment issues and so on, says Frans Pienaar of Inyatsi Construction.

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Lead2business - Mon, 11 Jan 2016 - Expert urges construction sector in South Africa to transform

Quality and delivery are going to be emphasized by the society and authorities in 2016. Transparency will therefore increase and poor service delivery will become difficult to hide,” he said.

He added that very few companies are really keen on transformation and have a wrong way of approaching it. Society is more than ever tired of money being misspent, in Pienaar’s view.

The construction sector in South Africa need to undergo radical change if they are to have a better outlook. In an overview of the construction sector in South Africa for 2016, Frans Pienaar, chair of Inyatsi Construction said there is too much transformation window dressing in the sector and too many entities come up with solutions that satisfy scrutiny, but do not offer real change.

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