Construction Associates


The company was registered in Swaziland in February 1977 and was at that time 80% owned by the Lonrho PLC Group.

Under its General Manager, Jeff Perring, the company won its first contract to build some rural schools. Since then the company has gone from strength to strength, building a variety of structures including factories, factory extensions, multi storey office blocks, shopping complexes, distillery, bridges, culverts, water filtration plants, water pipelines, etc. In 1999 the Lonrho shareholding was bought out by the local management as part of Lonrho disinvestment programme. At that time Jeff Perring, Chris Simoes, Phil Perry and Alistair Lyle became directors and shareholders. Since becoming independent from Lonrho, the local management have been able to substantially re-invest in the company to provide it with a secure footing for its future operations. In the years since the Management Buy Out (MBO), the company’s capital base and investment in plant and equipment.

The company employs a core of around 45 experienced and skilled staff covering administration, quantity surveying, tradesmen foremen and site agents. In addition the employs up to 400 workers on an hourly paid, contract - by – contract basis. The company is a ‘Category B1’ contractor to the Swaziland Government i.e. unlimited contract value category. Our bankers, FNB Swaziland and insurers, SRIC, provide us with contract performance and other guarantee bonds as required. We have our own fleet of around 40 vehicles and plant and equipment worth over E4M enabling us to tackle a wide range of construction contracts.

In September 2009, Construction Associates’ shareholding was taken over by Inyatsi Construction Group. IC Group is a Swazi owned international company with subsidiary companies in Swaziland, South Africa, Mozambique and Zambia whose main business is on civil engineering and road works. Construction Associates came in as a building construction organ of the group.


To develop an exemplary construction company in South Africa and the SADC region, rooted in industry respect, rigorous service excellence, and the building contractor of choice. To reflect continuously on an internally well structured organization, that mirrors externally through the delivery of successful projects.


To partner clients, by using our proactive management skills to timeously execute construction projects in order to optimize value to all stakeholders.

Values & Culture

Fostering a culture of continuous learning, based on respect and dignity for human development, advancement of individual careers and growth through teamwork.

Commitment to maintain the highest level of safety codes and training, valuing human life and wellness, understanding that our people have a responsibility to themselves and their dependants. "Safety is non-negotiable"

Dedicated to valued relationships built on a desire to fulfill the aspirations of our clients as well as our professional teams, subcontractors and suppliers. Uncompromising quest to meet the highest standards of construction delivered within project timeframe's. What sets us apart is our passionate "can-do" approach.


  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Leisure Resorts
  • Health & Education
  • Civil Structures
  • Roads & Earthworks

Our Motto is "QCD"

Quality - Do it right the first time.

Control - Control every last little detail to ensure we do it right the first time.

Discipline - The discipline to continuously do this every time


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