Investing In The Youth: Our Career Development

Company invests in its human capital and Eswatini’s tertiary graduates

lnyatsi Construction Group Holdings is investing in the career development of Eswatini’s youth with various empowerment and training initiatives it has been rolling out. lnyatsi’s Group Marketing Manager Gugu Bennett said lnyatsi worked consistently to lay down the groundwork in order to provide a strong foundation for developing a more highly-skilled, productive and diverse workforce.
To achieve this, she said lnyatsi had been quite active in staff training and development and mentor-ship.
“On an annual basis the Group also provides opportunities to high school students and university and college students who are willing to come on board for job shadowing, attachments and vacation work,” she said. Through attachments and vacation work, lnyatsi is supporting the country in developing young engineers and other student trainees.

lnyatsi’s Group CEO John Hamilton said this was an important part of the organization. He expressed satisfaction at the results of the investment in developing others.He said the Career Development programme had been maintained by having good mentors and continuous in-house training. Speaking specifically on the impact it has had on the company he said it had been quite beneficial.
“The career development programme has led to promotions among the staff to some of the senior position. The current lnyatsi Eswatini MD also went through the programme and any personal and professional growth in individuals is considered a highlight,” he said.

lnyatsi Group has trained over hundreds of apprentices in different fields over the past years with the number increasing each year.

lnyatsi has afforded an opportunity to several civil engineering students to be engaged in this program.
For more information about these programmes you can contact the lnyatsi Head Office.

How the Programme Works, Develops Others

Human Resources Manager Edwin Mbingo said this career development programme focuses on various areas key in its operations.
He said it started about 10 years ago concentrating on civil engineering, finance and accounting, quantity surveying, human resources management, health and safety and environment to name but a few. It also covers technical skills development like artisan, carpenters and brick layers as well as in the construction plant maintenance field.
“The intake is usually a minimum of 20 candidates at each point in time for a period of two to five years depending on the structure of the programme in that specific field. The reason the company engaged in this is upon discovery that there are so many graduates that complete their study programmes in institutes of higher learning but end up idle because they lack experience which is normally a prerequi­site by most employers,” he said.

He said some of the highlights of the programme have been seeing the trainees grow to being leader of massive projects in subsidiaries in the group.

“The success of students and their development depends on each individual. The programme is structured in such a way that students are empowered holistically and those who have taken it seriously go up the corporate ladder,” he said.
With a rich, skilled and knowledgeable trainers’ base, lnyatsi has afforded an opportunity to several civil engineer­ing students to be engaged in this program.

We also reach out to schools

Inyatsi not only trains people in house, but also travels with its officers around the country to inform young people about Opportunities in the construction industry.

This is done particularly in areas where lnyatsi is doing construction work and such empowerment talks are done as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility Programme. (CSR).
An example of this exercise was on September 27 when the company’s management together with a NGO called TIM Group visited Big Bend High School to inform them about career choices.

TIM Group is an organization that has partnered with lnyatsi and motivates students about education and how go into business. During the presentations, Sammy Msibi, lnyatsi’s IT Offcier, told the pupils about Information Technology and how to make it in the field, while Ncamiso Ngwenya a Site Engineer explained what they need in order to be engineers.
Creating diversity Ncedile Mngometulu, Traffic Controller shared on what her department does in ensuring safety on the roads during construction and how one can have a career in that field.

Progress Mbingo, lnyatsi’s Financial Controller gave an overview of finance sector. All the speakers also highlighted the key subjects the students needed in order to embark on each field with Mathematics, Science and English the three most common subjects.

TIM Group’s Celumusa Dlamini motivated the youth urging them to work hard at school and also not only focus on being employed but also consider going into business.



“This is quite a motivating visit by lnyatsi and it will change my life for the better. It has helped me to reflect on the outlook I have to not concentrate on lack but find ways to better myself through education.
I’m even inspired to go into business.”




“From this session learnt that in order to develop and be successful one needs to work hard and be disciplined.
I am grateful we were also taught of the different jobs available and I like the one of a Financial Controller. Thank you Inyatsi for the visit.




“I learnt a lot today and from the careers they told us about I would like to pursue engineering. This is a good thing to hear from the people from the offices themselves what we need to do to one day be like them and one can ask that lnyatsi continues to visit other schools.”




“I feel better equipped to make informed career choices. What I liked the most was how every speaker told us to always strive for excellence and that is what I want to do. I have always liked Civil Engineering and had been wondering how one could be in that field and today I got my answers thanks to the presenta­tions.”