Inyatsi Construction Group Holdings is now ISO 14001:2015 & 45001:2018 Certified

Inyatsi Construction Group Holdings has achieved a remarkable milestone by being the first construction company in Africa to obtain SACAS 45001 and 14001 ISO Certifications.

The ISO 45001:2018 certificate means Inyatsi has been assessed and found to satisfy the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems certification while the ISO 14001:2015 certificate is for Environmental Management Systems. Both certificates are in respect of quality and safe civil engineering and concrete construction and associated work standards.

The company was officially presented with its certification by the South African and Audit Services company on Friday May 10, 2019 at the Inyatsi Construction Boardroom during a media briefing session.

SACAS is an assessment provider for all types of management systems and their processes as well as product, process and service certification provider. It provides complete, reliable and high-quality auditing and certification services in respect of various standards.

Speaking at the presentation Deon Du Toit, Managing Director of SACAS commended Inyatsi for this achievement.

“This is the first ISO 45001 certification we hand out in Eswatini and the third in Africa. However in Africa it is the first for a construction company because the other two from us were for consultancy and manufacturing. So this is quite an achievement. Such certification is very important because it shows that the company adheres to safety and quality standards,” he said.

He said occupational health and safety was something that was very important for every organization. “It is not just a system we establish and implement in an organization to manage health and safety but it is also to conform with legislative requirements. It also looks into the overall strategic goals that you have looked at as an organization for yourselves from a business perspective,” he said.

He noted that achieving this was not easy but through collaborated effort and dedication to the cause Inyatsi did so within the 18 months of assessment.

The Inyatsi Group Chief Executive Officer John Hamilton gave credit to the teams that have been working hard to ensure that the systems are implemented in order to get the accreditation.

“It means that we can give our clients comfort that they are dealing with a company that is stable and has quality systems that are not only recognized worldwide but are also audited by independent parties. We have good safety records,” he said.

To employees he said this means Inyatsi is providing a safe environment for them to work in and that is one of the main reasons they started the process in the first place.

“From a quality point of view what it means is that the employees can take pride in that they are producing world-class products. Also because we are providing a good quality product it gives us a competitive edge and that means there is more sustainability. This translates to job security to the employees,” he said.

Du Toit also noted that in terms of figures Inyatsi had very low incident rate of 0.1 per year meaning injuries at work were less than 1 per year in the organisation. He said because of this Inyatsi is performing quite well as sometimes in other organisations the rate may be much higher per year.

“Inyatsi is highly rated in terms of the low incident frequency rates. A fatal incident costs a company in the region of E10m to E15m not to even talk about lost time because of the incident. Your customer at the end of the day wishes to deal with an organization that has this kind of control measures in place and that is where the benefits come from,” he said.

He said therefore work done by such certified companies means they do it within the set time limits without delays due to any injuries and that was what they aimed for.

Since being established in 1982 Inyatsi has always prioritized safety. Currently Inyatsi Group Holdings (PTY) LTD has 30 sites running in four different countries.  Its achievements include that in 2014 Inyatsi Group Holdings engaged into the NOSA 5 star integrated management system and achieved a 4 star rating in 2015 where they as a group maintained the 4 stars until 2017.

In 2018 Inyatsi Group Holdings changed service providers from NOSA 5 star integrated management system to ISO 14001 and ISO45001 where we were audited and recommended for the certification that has since been presented.

In brief ISO certification certifies that a management system, manufacturing process, service, or documentation procedure has all the requirements for standardization and quality assurance. ISO standards are in place to ensure consistency. Each certification has separate standards and criteria and is classified numerically.

Inyatsi Construction safety employees have welcomed and applauded the company for putting their safety first through implementing these standards.

Amanda Dludlu said thanked the company for the system and noted that it would help them greatly in their daily duties. Mduduzi Mdluli said, “This system makes our lives easier and helps us to work within a safe environment.”

Louis Van Zyl, Inyatsi Group SHEQ Manager thanked his team for their contribution to the attaining of the standards.

“My team has put in a lot of work and effort into this. At the end of the day they have learnt a lot from this system and it makes their job easier to have guidelines and a checklist that helps reduce incidents. That means we get more opportunity for work,” he said.

He said what was important now was to implement and maintain the system as it has been placed in order to ensure continued sustainability and success.

The safety department working hand in hand with site management and site personal said they continue to strive to minimize incidents and accidents to achieve 0% incident tolerance through constant safety awareness, safety talks, safety meetings, daily risk assessments job observations daily safety officer checklists, inspections and internal as well as external audits.

Asphalt Plant1



Inyatsi Construction LTD, the leading Construction Company in Eswatini has during 2018 decided to manufacture and pave Hot Mix Asphalt for their contracts in Eswatini.

To ensure that this venture will be delivering the high standard of workmanship that Inyatsi are known for, a very competent team using state of the art equipment has been established.

Asphalt manufacturing is not a new concept for Inyatsi as the Company has successfully completed a number of Asphalt contracts over the African continent.


The management team has, combined, in excess of a 120 years’ experience in Asphalt production and paving


The Asphalt situated at Sikhupe is a brand-new state of the art Ciber iNova capable of mixing up to a 120t per hour. The plant is continuous counterflow type with a pugmill mixer that ensures proper binder coating and homogenous mixes.


The paving equipment has been carefully selected to ensure that it is suitable for all types of applications.

At the heart of the operation is the Bomag BF300P paver fitted with a state-of-the-art level control system to ensure that thickness, level and riding quality parameters are met. This paver is capable of paving up to 300t per hour and can pave widths from 1,7m up to 4,2m, making it very suitable for both highway and township work.

Proper compaction is ensured with the use of the compacting screed of the paver, which is supported with the use of a Bomag BW141AD50 vibratory Double Drum roller with an operating weight of 7tons. The drum width of 1.5m ensures that an excellent static point loading of 23kg/cm or 75kN

The Pneumatic tyre roller ensures that final compaction is achieved. This roller has an operating weight of 24t. This weight can be increased to 27t by adding additional ballasting or weights.


The individual managers have done extensive contracts over the African Continent ranging from Runways (OR Tambo International & King Mswati III), Freeways such as the GFIP Toll Projects, N3, N1, N4 in South Africa, various projects in Zambia.

The team is currently busy on the access road to the Mlilwane game reserve.



John Hamilton is the new CEO

Inyatsi Construction Group Holdings, hereby wishes to inform all stakeholders that Mr. John Hamilton, currently the Group’s Managing Director, has been selected as Inyatsi Construction Group Holdings’ new Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Hamilton succeeds Mr. Tommy Strydom, who has served the company since 2009, where he was initially hired as a Contracts Manager, moving on to manage our South African and Namibian subsidiaries, subsequently becoming Managing Director of our Mozambique subsidiary of NCC Mozambique, before assuming the role of the entire group’s CEO. During his tenure at Inyatsi, in all his Executive positions, the company experienced tremendous growth despite the industry’s ongoing economic downturn, helping maintain Inyatsi’s reputation as one of the largest construction companies in Africa.

Mr. Hamilton’s leadership appointment is part of a rigorous and comprehensive nomination and ongoing plans, hatched under Mr. Strydom’s leadership. One of those plans was the introduction of succession planning as a disciplined approach within management. Succession planning is a practice that the group has followed for many years and in particular has resulted in many of the young leaders within the group reaching their goals and being promoted through the group to higher leadership levels within the last three years.

Mr. John Hamilton, who has been working very closely with the current CEO, in his position as Group Managing Director, and who has been with the company for more than nine years was therefore a natural successor to Mr. Strydom. The Board of Directors and Mr. Strydom worked closely together on his succession planning in order to ensure that Mr. Hamilton will be able to easily transition into the role as Chief Executive Officer of the Inyatsi Group.

Mr. Strydom will do a comprehensive handover, remaining available until Mr. Hamilton transitions to the role of CEO. The Board of Directors, Executives, Management & Staff Members wish to congratulate Mr. Hamilton on his appointment and extend their well wishes to him as he assumes his new role.